We are looking for hands-on undergrads and PhD students who are interested in exploration technology, mechanical systems and finite element modelling to participate in a University-Industry collaboration project.

Modelling of low noise signals from deep earth minerals and aquifers

We will be modelling signals from deep earth minerals and aquifers to better understand the advantages of the newly improved electromagnetic sensors.

New technologies based on vibration isolation, innovative sensor concepts and low noise electronics can enable airborne surveys to discover minerals at greater depths

Eligibility criteria

Applicants should have excellent academic records and preferably an internationally peer reviewed paper. General UWA PhD entrance requirements can be found on the Future Students website.

Suggested reading

Sunderland, A., Blair, D.G., Ju, L., Golden, H., Torres, F., Chen, X., Lockwood, R., Wolfgram, P. 'High performance rotational vibration isolator', Review of Scientific Instruments, 84, 10, pp. 105111-1 - 105111-6. ;(2013)